The Gooseberry

Ribes uva-crispa l.

In fact, the currant gooseberry. The gooseberry is a straggling fruit bush that is commonly cultivated in the country, at times the plant runs wild, though. It grows from 0,5 up to 1,5 m. The shoots are thickly set with sharp spines. The plant has 3 or 5-lobed crenated leaves. The blooming period begins in April till the turn of May and June. The flowers are white or pink. The shrub bears fruit in July and August. The fruit of gooseberry are round and hairy. They are a valuable source of iron, and many other vitamins, especially being rich in vitamin C. The gooseberry is a very popular fruit plant that has been cultivated for ages. The gooseberry has gained a great popularity, which led to the appearance of around 1500 varieties in current cultivation. The bush was mainly planted in the vicinity of the farmhouses, therefore the feral bushes that can be found on the grounds of  the resettled villages, are now marking a place where the farms once existed.