The Iris

Iris L.

It is a Mediterranean plant that is quite rare to Bieszczady Mountains. If occurs, it is definitely a remains of an earlier cultivation. When encountered, it may suggest that a home garden, a garden belonging to a cloister, or a park used to be there. Iris reaches a height of 30 cm to 1 meter. It has a thick, widespread rhizome, from which the sword-shaped leaves with smooth margins grow up. The plant blooms in April. The flowers look spectacular as they are violet in colour and large. The dried rhizome has an extremely pleasant scent, hence was called ‘a violet root’. Teething children were given it to chew. It has an antiseptic, expectorant and diuretic effect. The skin pigmentation was treated with it, as well as the freckles that were supposed to be removed. It is under protection in its natural habitat.