Rudbeckia Lacinata

Rudbeckia laciniata L.

The flower is also called ‘roztocznica naga’. It is an ornamental plant, blooming in characteristic, splendid yellow flowers. Unfortunately, it is currently running wild. Rudbeckia is native to North America where it was brought from. It is a very expansive plant, forming congeneric fiefs, and occurring in the places of a prior planting. It has a long, bare stem, reaching up to 2 meters. The blooming period is  from July till September. It bears fruit in September and October. The fruit are bare and quarto-angular in shape. Rudbeckia is a toxic plant, which grows fast, is not very demanding and most of all is resistant to frost. Hence its spectacular decorative features, this flower has become a permanent element of Polish rural landscape. It was cultivated in home gardens and planted next to the fences.