The Alpine Dock

Rumex alpinus L.

It is a well known pasture weed that can reach a height of 50  up to 150 cm. Alpine dock has big, ovate-round leaves with a heart-shaped base placed on a long, stout stalk. It blooms from June till August. The flowers arrange a dense inflorescence on top of a stem. Rumex bears fruit from August till September. The fruit are light brown in colour, placed on pedicels, and are resilient enough to sustain till wintertime. The spring leaves were a source of food. The rumex stock was used as an anti-diarrhoeal remedy, and its root was applied to take a fever reducing effect. The alpine dock is a nitrophilic plant. It can be found on once fertilized mountainous pastures and meadows. Large clusters of alpine dock can be encountered in the places where the sheepfolds were built.